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As a dog owner, I'm always on the lookout for chew toys that will last longer than ten minutes and not cost a small fortune. My dogs are very strong chewers but quickly lose interest in things like lacrosse balls or Kong toys. Antlers, bully sticks, and pig ears are perfect--long-lasting and healthy--but they cost a fortune and aren't always easy to find. That's what makes EcoKind Pet Treats so special.

EcoKind Pet Treats is a small, family-owned business based in Virginia that specializes in all-natural, ethically-sourced, reasonably-priced pet treats. At American Made Retail Company their elk antler chews are very popular. They're offered in three types: "whole" antler sections, best for younger, aggressive chewers; "split" antler sections, good for older dogs, and; "tips" antler sections, great for dogs of all sizes and chewing dispositions.

I love antlers because they're a natural treat with nutritional value but, unlike bones, they won't splinter and they're odor-free. Dogs love the taste, and antlers will last even dedicated chewers weeks longer than other treats. EcoKind's antlers are shed by Rocky Mountain elk and hand-picked for quality, so you can be sure your dog is getting a healthy, natural treat. 

Elk antler dog chews are our best seller, but we also offer a wide range of other treats and chews from EcoKind Pet Treats. Pig ears and cow ears are always a hit with dogs, and we even carry hemp oil infused cow ears for calming dogs who get anxious during storms, fireworks, or who suffer from separation anxiety. We carry various bones, such as this stuffed shin bone, which is a perfect distraction for dogs who chew when they're bored. And of course no collection of dog chews would be complete without a wide range of bully sticks and bully stick products.

Finally, EcoKind Pet Treats makes a line of yak milk dog chews we've started carrying recently. Yes, you read that correctly: yak milk. These chews are made in Nepal as a kind of cheese that hardens and lasts for ages. Dogs love them! They soften gradually as dogs chew on them, and when they've gotten down to the very end you can microwave it and turn it into a chewy dog treat. These are a great alternative for dogs who have trouble digesting bone or antler, or who just enjoy some variety.

Check out our collection of dog treats and dog chews from EcoKind Pet Treats here: Dog Chews, Treats, and Toys. Learn more about EcoKind Pet Treats at their website, here (opens in new window):



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