Starbucks Via Instant (Twelve 8 packs)

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Instant coffee has never been so enjoyable.  Why?  Because this isn't just any instant coffee.  It's the perfectly roasted, uniquely flavored cup of perfection you've come to expect from Starbucks in an instant.

Iced Coffee:  Lightly sweetened with cane sugar and specially designed for mixing with cold water.  Each packet instantly brews up a rich and tasty 16 fl. oz. iced coffee.

Colombia and Italian Roast sold in a box of 12 (Twelve 8 Packs).  Each pack has 8 singles. 8 pack sold in box of 12, so you get twelve 8 packs (96 servings).

The Decaf Italian Roast is in 7 Packs....7 packs sold in box of 12 (Twelve 7 packs).  Each pack of Decaf has 7 singles.  7 pack sold in box of 12, so you get twelve 7 packs for the Decaf.


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