About Us

Our Mission

At the American Made Retail Company, our mission is to offer a wide range of American made products at the best prices possible.

It isn't always easy to buy American online. Many retailers don't clearly state where their products are made. Large online retailers as well as smaller online businesses are flooded with cheap imported goods. The online retail market is crowded, and everyone's competing for your business by working with the lowest-cost suppliers they can find to get you the cheapest prices. That's a business strategy that often excludes American businesses, especially small businesses. 

We want to offer you something different. We wanted to build a business around bringing the best that American businesses have to offer to people who want to know their money is going to support American manufacturers and small businesses. 

Our Promise

We promise to stock only products that are made in the USA by American businesses, and preferably small businesses. Where an American company is offering a foreign-made product that we think is too good to pass up, we'll offer it for sale and make sure you know where it's made. We'll prioritize American made products made from domestically-sourced resources or ingredients wherever possible, but where some American products are made from imported components we'll make that clear.