Elk Antlers for Dogs - “Tips” Grade A

EcoKind Pet Treats

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  • Naturally-Shed Elk Antlers: All-Natural Dog Treat for Your Dog that Lasts for hours!
  • Odor-Free Dog Chew: No Odor and Little Residue for your Dog to Enjoy in your Home
  • Fantastic Source of Naturally Calcium, Phosphorous, Manganese and Zinc - Great for Tartar Control
  • Made in the USA: Sourced from Rocky Mountain elk
  • Package contains 4 tips ranging in length from 4-7 inches with a total weight of approximately 1 lb.

Our elk antlers are 100% natural and great for dogs' teeth and overall health. No chemicals or preservatives are used at ANY step of the process. Hand picked and hand sorted for the best quality and largest sized antler chew for your furry friend. A healthy treat made in the USA.  Our elk antlers come from naturally-shed antlers that are inspected for quality and rich in nutrients like Calcium and Zinc, you can rest easy knowing your is getting the high quality treat available.  Excellent choice for dogs who are strong chewers. Elk antlers are the most durable natural dog chews and perfect for all dogs who love to chew!

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