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If you are gonna wet shave, you are gonna need a great shaving mug to put your shaving soap into!

OK, let’s back up.  Firstly, you WILL need a . . . so first things first.   There’s no better shaving soap than the ManBasics Wet Shaving Soap, so head over there and add that to your cart.

THEN you can consider our AWESOME shaving mug.   It’s jumbo-sized, so there’s plenty of room for your soap and area to swirl your brush around to generate lather.

It also features a partially raised surface on the bottom that the soap sits on so that it is not sitting “flat” against the bottom of the mug.   This helps prevent it from sticking.

Our shaving mug is handcrafted from glazed ceramic and has a nice handle that is ergonomically perfected for your hand.  Trust us, you will LOVE our Shaving Mug!

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